Our environment


We have an ongoing and developing relationship with our land here which has involved the planting of many trees – including our agroforestry project: a new edible woodland and an orchard, still in their infancy, along with a soft fruit area. We have been planting new hedgerows, nurturing the meadow, and leaving areas undisturbed and wild where deer can feel safe to wander. We also have growing numbers of zero dig vegetable beds, along with nearby beds of abundant flowers to attract pollinators and birds, all developed using organic and regenerative principles.

Much of our land here is designated as a County Wildlife Site (CWS), and as such is recognised by Devon Wildlife Trust as an important area for biodiversity in Devon. We have recently observed otters, kingfishers, several species of dragonfly including the Golden Ringed, together with many species of butterflies and moths like the High Brown Fritillary and the Hummingbird moth.



There are two parts to this word ‘agroforestry’: the first part, ‘agro’ implies the production of food from the land, ie farming. 
As forestry is concerned with the the planting and growing of trees, so agroforestry is about establishing and managing edible woodlands: the growing of trees which provide food. A food forest is a sustainable way of producing plant based food that requires minimal maintenance.
Here at Home Place Farm, we have only just begun but have already planted apples, pears, plums and gages, quince, holm oak, bamboo cane, elder, sweet chestnut, walnut, hazel, olive, and nut pine,
along with a variety of fruits which hopefully will flourish both separately and as the ‘understory’: 
raspberry, blackberry, gooseberry, blackcurrant, blueberry etc.
Our vision is that in future years this will become a flourishing holding providing pleasure and sustenance for future generations. 

One of our recently planted hedgerows  >

Hedgerows & pollinators

Hedges are vital for healthy, diverse wild pollinator populations. Along with the planting of new hedgerows, we are establishing a number of areas for wild flowers to flourish. As well as supporting a biodiverse, integrated and healthy landscape these initiatives are also intended to attract bees and other insects to support the pollination of our fruit and vegetables.


Ecological products

We provide Ecoleaf washing up liquid, gorgeous lavender and geranium soap, shower gel and shampoo by environmentally conscious Faith in Nature, and BioD cleaning products and washing powder. These are non-toxic, environmentally friendly products, biodegradable and derived from plant extracts.


Green power & EV charging

Increasing numbers of solar panels and battery storage provide much of our electricity, and biomass boilers provide much of the central heating and hot water. There is an EV charging point linked to the grid, which is available for guest vehicles at cost.