relax in our FARMhouse spa


This is a place which offers a wonderful experience of rest, relaxation and renewal.

It is the sense of wellbeing which is so often at the heart of a stay here, and you will find your own ways of making the connection, even if it’s simply by taking a peaceful walk down by the lake, or looking up at the stars on a clear night.

Really unwind

Here is the time 
and space to
renew your
sense of wellbeing

For a deeper sense of renewal and regenerative well being, you can include an enriching organic oil massage or facial treatment during your stay, with our fully qualified therapists. 


Steam room & cold pool

Guests can make use of our Farmhouse Spa here which has a steam room together with a 5m cold plunge pool with its invigorating waterfall and swim jets. You can alternate between the deep warmth of the steam room, and the breathtaking cold water plunge and waterfall. It’s not an ice bath in Wim Hof style, but cold enough as the water always maintains an ambient temperature.

Exclusive and private use of the pool and steam room:
2 people sharing for 60 minutes, £24pp
+ £12pp for 1 additional person only

Steam room only

If you’re not a fan of the cooler temperatures you may prefer a session just in the steam room; a great place to soak up the warmth. 

Together with the aromatic presence of essential oils in the air, a session here can help ease tension in the muscles, reduce stress and support overall health.

Exclusive and private use of the steam room:
2 people sharing for 40 minutes, £17pp
+ £10pp for 1 additional person only

gather in some you time

Book your treatment

If you’d like to book a treatment or an exclusive session in our Farmhouse Spa pool and steam room, please email us separately when you have booked your stay, and we will send you confirmation and payment details.